Life of a WAHM

My businesses are not hobbies. To me, both of them I chose as a way to earn income, and give me a sense of pride while I try to make each one a success.

I have three kids, home all day long…I have two home based businesses, plus household responsibilities. The only and I have to stress ONLY time that is quiet enough to do any sort of business, sewing included, is at night. Last I checked, there is only one of me and not any one around that I can ask to sew, or make phone calls to clients, or answer 25 different emails a day, go grocery shopping for me, clean my house, watch my kids, run my errands, etc…

Could it be different, sure, however I don’t have the financial stability yet to delegate responsibilities to other people such as hiring contract sewers, maid services, pt- employees, or even a baby sitter for that matter, but I am willing to make these sacrifices now to reap the rewards later. So, I am up late. Always stayed up late, even when I was younger. Not a morning person, never was. I’d rather stay up till 3 than get up at 5 or 6. That is just me. Yet, even during all of this, I still get up with my kids, feed them, wash them, take care of them, run errands, make dinners, clean the best I can, go out to lunches, hang out with my mom, go shopping, take kids to play dates and out to movies. I can even make time to spend with my husband and the kids on the weekends for our family time which is usually spent going out for breakfast or to the movies or bowling, or my favorite, taking a ride to Naperville, Illinois riverwalk in the summer, bringing a lunch, having a picnic, walking to the park, feeding the ducks along the way and just being together as a family.

Is it all worth it you ask? Heck yeah! I get to stay home with my kids, enjoy their younger years even though at some point through out the course of the day I am ready to pull my hair out with my youngest coloring on the walls, my son crying because he can’t figure something out on a video game, or my oldest daughter complaining that she is bored. My solutions? Mr. Clean for the walls, explaining to my son that just as in any area of life, the more you practice the better you become, so keep trying, you will figure it all out. To my oldest, lets get the craft supplies and make bracelets, or paint on the canvas, or even lets do makeovers on each other! The best feeling in the world is when you hear your child say they want to be just like you, and have their own businesses and websites, etc… I about cried when I heard my oldest tell her friend that. Makes me proud and then I know I am raising a daughter who will be a go-getter, one who will not be afraid to try different things, one that is not afraid to fail because if she does, she knows it will only make her stronger. I am her hero. That is the best job ever!

Quiet time is night time for me. The kids are in bed, my husband is sleeping and the house is a peaceful place once again. I listen to my late night shows while I work and even welcome my clients calling at night so I can talk to them with out listening to kids asking a million questions at one particular moment, as soon as my phone rings!

So yeah, there may be a few more things that do not sound so appealing to some, but those do not out weigh the good things. I am doing what I love, and doing it in my pajamas!

Inside Out Oreo’s

At first I thought this was going to taste nasty but after tasting just one, they have become my new found friend. I was always a huge fan of the Double Stuffed Oreo, but now that I have this new recipe, I can’t but be torn between the two.

Here it goes…I swear you will love them!

One package of regular Oreo cookies
One 8oz package of cream cheese
One bag of white chocolate chips

Grind the Oreo cookies into a powdery form with your food processor.
Let the cream cheese soften.

Blend those two together to form one big ugly black ball of doughy substance.

Put the big ball into the fridge and let it get cold. Once it is firm (not super glue hard, but just enough so it doesn’t fall apart. You want to make little tiny balls about the size of a medium gumball.

Heat up your white chocolate chips. Place them in the microwave but be careful not to over cook it or it will just turn solid as a rock. I separated them into three sections and heated on defrost for 1 minute or so and stirred until it was all melted.

Dip the medium sized ball into the white chocolate and let it cool on wax paper or alum. foil.

From there, once you are done and they are all cooled, place in a container and stick in the fridge.

OMG, they are SO moist and delish! I just know you will love them! In fact, I think I am going to grab a couple right now! YUM!!!

QT Sunglasses are HOT!

QT Sunglasses will make you and your little ones look like Q-T pies! Sorry I just could not resist that temptation. I have to say, I am a huge sunglass freak to the point that I have about 5 pairs or more floating around in my car, with about 5 more in my house. I am never far from a pair of sunglasses. I have taken my obsession with sunglasses to my children who now have about 6 pairs each, some with Dora, Spongebob, and some really nice plain ones. Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot on your sunglasses, but you want the look as if you had. That is where QT Sunglasses comes in. I was completely amazed when I opened my mailbox and saw the great products that were in the package waiting for me.

I received two pairs, one is the #223 Girls Aqua Blue Oversized Chanel Inspired DG Sunglasses. These are for little girls and they frame their faces so well, snug but not too tight. The best part is that they are oversized on the sides so the sun, even when it hits the side of you, does not reach your eyes. They protect your eyes because they have a UV Protection of 400! So, if your little girl wants to look like a little fashionista, these sunglasses are perfect for her!

Kids Oversized Aqua Sunglasses

I also received the #158 Black Dolce & Gabbana inspired DG Sunglasses. They also are available in Brown or White and these glasses definitely have the look for less! They are very durable, come with a free bag that can be used for storage and cleaning, and they also have a UV Protection of 400. I wore them out one day and typically not too many people comment on how nice your sunglasses look, however the one day I wore them to the store, as I walked in and was about to take them off, this one woman commented on how nice they looked and asked where I got them. Of course, I proudly said, QT Here is what I was wearing…(aren’t they cute!)
Dolce & Gabanna DG Sunglasses by QT Sunglasses

Black Dolce & Gabbana

QT Sunglasses has many great designer sunglasses for much less. For the two pairs I received, they totaled less than $20.00! They carry a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, for women, men and children. Perfect summer accessory! Visit QT Sunglasses for purchasing and/or additional information. You will definitely be a satisfied customer!For ordering, use the following discount code:

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Cart Minimum: $12.95
Expires: 12/31/07

Glade Flameless Candle

Glade Flameless Candle

I received a buy one get one free coupon for the Glade Wisp, Flameless Candle and thought I would give it a try since I know from past product testing with Glade products, their scents are fantastic and the quality is excellent. I went to the store, picked up my two candles kits (retail at $9.79 at Target) and got them home. Cracked them open and put them together. I placed one in my downstairs bathroom and one in my daughters room. I have to be completely open and honest here. For those of you with boys and husbands, you can relate to the stink in the bathrooms…especially with little boys missing the toilet bowl and having a stream of urine down the side of your toilet and no matter how many times you clean it, the very next second that stream appears again. With our bathroom being so small downstairs the oder was terrible. I placed the flameless candle in there on a low setting and within 5 minutes my bathroom was smelling Clean Linen fresh! I was completely amazed at how fast it works to eliminate the odors! It is a fantastic product and at buy one get one free, how can you go wrong? I liked them so much I picked up 6 more and use them in every room in the house, in addition, I picked some up for my children’s teachers for holiday teacher gifts! 🙂

Here is the link to the buy one get one free…
Wisp – Flameless Candle by Glade

Welcome to MWAV

Hi everyone! Thanks for being so patient as I redesign the Moms With a View website and blog. I am sure that everything will go according to plan…?????

Ya think?

I will do my very best to get this back up and running by December 1, 2007!! NOT 2008! LOL