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Ice Cream Pie oh my!

Now obviously you have to love ice cream for this to be a success, but I will tell you this, once you try it, you too will be saying “Oh my”, out of sheer pleasure.

It is a lengthy process but an easy one at that. Please allow yourself at least 4 hours before you stick your fork into this one. This was a recipe that was first given to my mom by her sister and now I have it and I am sharing it with you all!!!! YAY YOU!!!!

Ok, here it goes. You will need to have the following ingredients to make this masterpiece:

1 gallon of any flavor ice cream
1 package of oreo cookies
1 stick of butter
1 regular size tub of cool whip
1-2 jars of your favorite topping (caramel, chocolate, etc…)

Now here is the rest of the story:
First you need to crush all your oreo cookies. I stuck one row at a time into a baggie and rolled it until it was crumbs with my rolling pin. Dumped that into a nice sized bowl and did the next roll. Keep doing that until all the rows in the package are crushed. BTW, it is a good upper body work out by rolling it crushed.

You want to make sure that your butter is pretty soft because you will need to mix it into that oreo mixture. When it is all mixed in and looks moist, then flatten it out onto a 13×9 pan. Cover it with saran wrap and stick it in the freezer for 1 hour.

After your 1 hour has passed, now is the time for the ice cream. I used vanilla, but you can use what ever you prefer. You will need to have your gallon of ice cream softened so you can spread it. what I did was take it out when my hour had 10 minutes left. It was pretty soft then so I used a knife and more or less cut slices of ice cream. Spread the gallon over the oreo crust. Once you have it all covered, then cover the pan again with your saran wrap and freeze for one hour.

Ok, so now it is time for your topping. I used one jar of caramel topping but I think I would have loved it gooier so I will do 2 jars from now on. Pour the topping on top of the ice cream and spread around. The topping gets hard to spread so just do the best you can to cover the ice cream. Cover again with saran wrap and freeze again for 1 hour.

And finally, now is the time for the cool whip. In my attempt to make it less fattening, I used a fat free cool whip. I guess there are other options too to making it a tad bit healthier, but hey, this is ice cream, I can’t skimp that much!

After the topping is frozen, you will need to spread one last layer of cool whip on top. This is best done by defrosting the cool whip prior by keeping it in the fridge instead of the freezer. Simply spread again on top of the pie and cover and freeze again for the final hour!

That is it, you are done!!!! You can now stick your fork into the ice cream pie and savor ever bite! You can decorate the top of it with icings if you wish to make it a bit more decorative, but I can tell you that any ice cream lover will love making this treat. If you do try this, I would love to hear your feedback. I want to see if you all love it at much as my family does.

Product Review:

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They have over 2000 names to choose from and you can personalize your own CD label. What a great way to preserve those childhood memories. This CD would make a great item for school fundraisers, First Birthday gifts, oh my and for those nights filled with a crying baby, the CD titled, You’re An Angel, might be of some help to you. I want it with my name on it! I actually went to the site, plugged in my name and listened to the CD titles, “Your a Winner”…how uplifting that experience was, lol. Oh, I was “Have(ing) fun!” alright!

Check them out. I am sure you will not be disappointed! Great for gift giving, or just to have for your own child. They retail for $15.95 to $19.99 and I can guarantee that they are worth every penny spent! Visit for more information on how you can purchase a one of a kind treat for your favorite child.

Meet Kota, our newest family member

Yes, we have a new pet. As if the cat and the two fish, and three children were not enough, we decided to throw in a dog too. He is a very ‘solid’ golden retriever. So far he has been behaving really well that it is almost very scary! Sending my husband and kids to Walmart for dog items may not have been the best of decisions, but they all survived the trip. I only had to go back for a new collar because the one he got was one size too big. Now I really need to start reviewing pet products! 😉 hint, hint!

After I get the puppy home it was time to introduce him to our 5 year old cat, Pikachu. That was quite interesting. The cats tail was all flared out and he was on the defensive. He stood his ground and did not move a muscle. He was acting as if to say, “Hey, I was here first, get to steppin!”. After a few hours of the cat/dog interactions, the cat has now become my best friend. He never comes by me, not ever. The only time and I am serious when I say this, the only time he bothers with me is if he feels like pissing me off. He will stand outside my door and deliberately attack my feet when I walk through. Scares the living daylights out of me and he knows it too. Now he is rubbin up against my legs, my feet, just begging for my attention. Dingbat cat.

I have not had a puppy in 5 years, so it is like traveling in a whole new world. He’s only had two accidents in my house, but that was when he was with the kids and after that second accident, I had to have my “this is what puppies do” mommy lecture. Anyway the kids are excited to have him and so am I. He really is a cute pup. What do you think?

Kota the Golden Retriever

$5.00 Shipping on TCP orders

$5 Flat Rate Standard Shipping on All Orders from The Children’s Get this great t for 2.99! and start shopping the bargains! They have so many clearance items to choose from!
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I saved $90.00, spent $130.00 for two weeks of food

I am getting better with the coupon shopping.  Tonight I went to two stores to work the deals and I think I did fairly well.  First went to Strack and Van Til where my bill was about $100.00 and I paid after coupons, $64.00.  I got things like cases of pop, water, liters of pop, ground beef, round steak, cheese, salami, 2 loaves of bread, two dozen eggs, cleaning products, deodorant, laundry soap (4 of them) and so much more!  I was more than thrilled to have saved close to $45.00.  Then on to Jewel where again, total bill was around $100.00 and I spent $65.00, saved $49.00!  I got a Stouffers meal, 2 gallons of milk, 3 packs of refridge pudding by Jello, a loaf of french bread, honey ham, 2 12 packs of beer, toothpaste, OJ, lemonade, grape juices, shampoo, fabric softener, chocolate milk powder mix, cheese, taco stuff, and more and more.

I honestly can’t tell you how happy I am to have saved almost 100.00, or better yet 50% of my bill.  I shopped with coupons in hand and knowing what I wanted.  I do have to go back to the store because they rang up the Stouffers meals wrong and I need to get a raincheck for strawberries!  They had those at $1.48 each!!!

I love coupon shopping!  I don’t know why it took me so long to get back into the habit.  That $90.00 we saved can now happily go into my gas tank! 😛

Read and Win

Getting your kids to read AND a free trip to Walt Disney World – what
could be better? This summer, Scholastic is getting kids excited about
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book-themed activities. For every 4 books read, kids can enter to win a
magical trip to Walt Disney World resort for the Year of a Million
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establishes libraries and schools in developing nations.