Rainbows to Thunder Storms

rainbow in the sky

While having a heart to heart discussion with my son (he’s 7) about how we take care of items of value he said something I would never have thought of. Here’s the story:

Nintendo DS game on the floor, dog starts to chew DS game. I get upset that the kids do not know how to take care of their toys and we aren’t talking about toys from the dollar store here. Those dang DS games are expensive! So I go into crazy mom mode and rant and rave about how I will never buy them anything again since they obviously do not know how to take care of the things we do buy them, etc…you know the drill. After I calmed myself down enough I went in to talk to him. I told him that I really do not like being upset with him about these things but I need him to understand that we work very hard to be able to afford special things for them and when they don’t take care of them it makes me upset and it hurts me. I went on to explain that he would have to work 12 weeks doing his chores to be able to buy a game, to which he responded with, “That’s a long time”. Then I go into details as to how it would make him feel if he worked really hard to buy me a gift and I left it on the table for the dog to get. Would he be sad, or mad with me? To which he replied, “Yes I would be mad at the dog and sad for you.” Good, I think to myself. I am finally getting to him. Went through the mad/sad feelings again and then he said:

“When you are happy it’s like seeing a rainbow in the sky, and when you are mad, it’s like seeing dark clouds and being in a thunderstorm”


I was very proud of him for replying with that. I wouldn’t have ever thought to compare the feelings of happiness to sadness/anger in that way but I told him that is exactly what it’s like and if he’d like to continue to see rainbows in the sky, he better pick up those dang toys! LOL Then we laughed and all was right with the world again.

CPSIA vs FDA – Which is worse?

As I was sitting down watching the news and MSNBC tonight they had a spot on regarding the whole peanut mess. Now you know that people have died from this companies lack of compliance to FDA rules and letters, etc… Now they are recalling products and bulk whatever from 2007 to present. They have recalled all kinds of cracker products, dog biscuits, etc…

At this particular time there are no penalties and no legal action that can be taken for the unsanitary factories here in the US which cause these outbreaks. People have been sickened…seriously, to death and nothing is being done about this. What about the tomatoes and scallions from this past summer? Death in this fashion is manslaughter and nothing is being done?

Yet there are people who want to place huge fines on companies that cannot afford to test each and every single piece of clothing, or toy …or book that they come into contact with for lead? All the companies, from small to large, libraries, museums, etc…that will be forced to close us shop because they don’t want to risk something of that nature.

Who is protecting ALL of us from the food we eat? You can’t buy a tomato at the grocery store unless it has been safely tested and passed a salmonella screening? Should that be done for all of us who wish to EAT? This would harm all ages from 0-100+! How can I tell if an apple is safe to eat and isn’t poisoned?

Do we have to go back in time and sew, mend our own clothing, have our children play with blades of grass and rocks, and then start farming so you can eat your own poultry, fruits and veggies? I am sorry for all the venting but it just sickens me that all this crap is put out there to protect us…how in the world is it protecting anyone? One day coffee is good for you, then the next, nope, better stop drinking it. For real! Where is the consistency, where are the laws when people are dying at the unsanitary hand of another?

Does this make sense to you all or am I completely talking out of my rear end with this? Please share your thoughts!


Mindless Monday – The power of the meatball


I don’t know what it is about a meatball that is so powerful. When you compare, the meatball is a circle in which no negative energy is trapped within. If you make a square or triangle meatball, it isn’t a meatball, but not only that, it wouldn’t give you the same sense of happiness, would it? Perhaps it stems from a memory as a child going to Grandma’s house to eat pasta every weekend, seeing the family, listening to the laughter, feeling the sense of warmness when you walked into the house, the smell of meatballs and pasta cooking, it all rolls into one feeling, the feeling of all that is powerful. Somehow I don’t think a meatsquare could be considered powerful, do you? Which could also be why we feel the need to fill up the corners of our rooms with things to make them appear more circular in nature. I have a few tree’s, plants, angled furniture in my corners simply to take the ‘points’ out of the rooms so the energy can flow in a ‘circular’ or ‘spherical’ motion. Just like a meatball.

These are some of the things that make me go “hmmm” on a mindless Monday.

Give the Gift of Love – Contest


LIFE Foundation wants to make 2009 the year people take a different approach to
Valentine’s Day considering life insurance as one of the truly selfless and enduring
gifts they can give. It might sound strange, but if you think about it, you buy life
insurance for the same reason you celebrate Valentine’s Day…because you love
someone! And what better way to express that love than by ensuring they’ll be taken
care of should anything happen. The benefits of life insurance benefit loved ones
long after the Valentine’s Day flowers have wilted and the chocolates been eaten.

To encourage people to commit selfless acts of love this Valentine’s Day, LIFE is
sponsoring an online contest during the weeks leading up to February 14. Anyone over
age 18 is invited to nominate a close friend or family member who has exhibited
selfless love for a chance to win a variety of prizes, including $2k towards the
Cartier Love Collection! LIFE will also make a donation in the winners’ names to
their favorite charity.

Did you know that,
• Seven out of ten Americans (70%) would forego celebrating Valentine’s Day this
year in exchange for financial peace of mind.
• Nearly half (44%) of those surveyed would rather receive practical gifts this
Valentine’s Day, such as money towards bills or gas, as opposed to more traditional
• Forty-two percent of those Americans who received a Valentine’s Day gift last year
don’t think their gift was memorable and nearly half (48%) lamented that it lasted a
month or less!

So, LIFE wants to make 2009 the year approach Valentine’s Day differently. First, by
giving a gift with true meaning and secondly, a gift that will last beyond those
flowers and chocolates! To enter, go to:



Super Bowl Party Pack – Giveaway!

I am so thrilled to be hosting this particular giveaway! As you know the Super Bowl is right around the corner and with the Super Bowl comes the parties! These parties are the most anticipated home party events of the year. Even if you don’t watch the games, or particularly care about who is in it at the time, you are however interested in the commercials, party snacks and just to be able to hang out with your family or friends.
But whether you are a diehard NFL fan or just want to party, Pepsi is offering you the chance to win an Ultimate Super Bowl Party Pack valued at $250 for your own at-home viewing parties.
These are some of the amazing gifts that you will receive from Pepsi (RefreshEverything.com) and they will send the pack directly to you in plenty of time for your party!


The Ultimate Pepsi Super Bowl Party Pack includes:
* 1 football
* 1 beverage pail
* 1 snack helmet (my favorite!)
* 2 key chains
* 2 hats
* 2 t-shirts
* 5 Pepsi 24 pack coupons
* 5 Frito Lay coupons

Here is the deal on how you can enter to win this fabulous prize package!
Enter to win: Very easy to do (I promise) – You can earn up to 4 entries! Contest end January 23th, 2009.

1. Leave a comment! (1 entry)
2. Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/momswithaview (1 entry)
2. Share the giveaway with our twitter friends and post back your link (1 extra entry)
3. Email us at giveaways@momswithaview.com with a comment (1 extra entry)

One winner will be selected at random on January 23, 2009 and the winner first name and last initial will be included in this post on January 24th.

Stride Rite – Early Walker Shoes – Product Review

monkey stride rite shoes

I had the honor to receive and review the early walker shoes by Stride Rite. When I received the product I had to admit I was a bit excited. The little monkey embroidered shoes were so adorable, I just couldn’t stand it! They put an instant smile on my face. They were so soft made with a tan and brown scotch guarded suede and are extremely flexible allowing for those little toes to wiggle freely in them. Stride Rite uses the Natural Motion System® technology which allows for comfort, protection and flexibility all of which was spot on! If you have ever attempted to put shoes on a baby you know that the minute you touch their toes they flex them upward. With this shoe, the opening to the shoe was large enough for me to push his little toes down while I closed it shut. It also has a nice size tab on the back to help ease the shoe on and off. I gave these little shoes to my adorable nephew, AJ and I am told that he is wearing them and making great strides to becoming a professional walker!

These fantastic early walking shoes can be found online at Stride Rite or at any Stride Rite retailers. These adorable lil monkeys retail for $45.00 and come in sizes from 2-4.5 as well as medium to wide widths. It is truly a great investment to your child’s walking future! 🙂

B nature – Product Review

Moms With a View had the opportunity to review our first organic clothing product. How exciting for us since we are all starting to become more aware of our earth and what is good for it and ultimately for us. I have been making small changes in my life with regards to going green, like taking less time in the shower, changing our light bulbs to eco-friendly ones, unplugging certain household items that are not used consistently and more. We are starting to put more emphasis on our clothing and beauty products so having this review come to us now couldn’t be better timing.


When I opened up the 100% recycled package that contained the romper, I was hoping it was an adult size! It is made using 100% organic cotton and produced without the use of harmful pesticides. To my surprise, it was incredibly soft! It is a tagless romper so there are no itchy tags hanging to irritate the back of babies neck. The other positive thing I noticed is that the garments are made using a flatlock seem finish (seen below), again, helps protect the skin from itchy, annoying seems in tender areas such as the crotch and under the arms. All pieces are made using natural cotton colors which look great for either a boy or girl. Moms, you will love to have your little baby in B nature products. To wash, machine wash cold *don’t forget, use your eco-friendly laundry detergent*, do not bleach and tumble dry on low. B nature stands behind every stitch, every detail, every piece of clothing! Be sure to visit www.bnatureorganic.com to see all the wonderful options you have to dress your baby in eco-friendly products from the very beginning. When making your purchase, use the discount code of MWAV08 for an additional 10% off your order. Shop Organic, shop B nature. Now I am off to see if I can find any organic adult tee-shirts made using a flatlock seem finish! LOVE that!

For those that don’t know what flatlock seems are, here is a photo I took of the garment. You can see the seem is flush up to the actual fabric so there are no loose ends or ends sticking out.
B nature seem
Your baby will love the feel and you will love knowing that your baby is comfortable in his/her clothing!