The paperwork; it’s overwhelming!

My daughter is entering middle school, aka for us older parents, junior high. When did it change from being called “junior high” to “middle school” is beyond me, but either way the amount of paperwork probably changed as well. Seriously, I have about 30 sheets of ‘registration’ papers to fill out and read. Half of it is so confusing that I will have to make a phone call and speak with a live person to figure out what I have to do to make sure she is enrolled this year. Does she have to take chorus? Why do I need to make out 5 separate checks when they are all made out to the same people? You provide a payment plan, but don’t put anything in the % area. Can I make up my own payment schedule? You don’t have to pay the yearbook fee right now, but it will be the only time you can order a yearbook…so in a round about way, it means, if you want a year book, this is your only chance to get one, so you better pay now or forever hold your peace. You need medical forms filled out by this day, vision forms filled out by another day, dental forms another day…can’t you just say, all doctor, vision, and dental forms must be filled out and returned to the school by this day or your child cannot attend school. We are mailing out registration forms to make it easier for you…for who? If it is like this now and she is only going into “middle school”, I can only imagine the nightmare I am going to have for High School! I feel like I am answering the same questions 30 times! People please…go easy on the forms, the paperwork…do we really need the repetitions? School starts on August 25, pictures are the 26th. No time to get situated at a new school, lets just throw in the photographer right away. Ugh, ok, I better get back to filling out this paperwork that I have buried myself in!

Tip of the Day:

Glass of waterDrink a glass of water! If you are not a big fan of water, like myself, then this will truly be a test for you. I am going to replace one can of soda for one glass of water today. What I am going to do is get some of the WalMart brand lemonade sweetener and put that in my water. It is sugar free so that is a healthy option for me. I think if I am able to ‘mask’ the taste of plain water with that of lemonade, then I will be able to down a whole richer of water.