OMG, I have no idea what happened!

One day everything was fine and the next it wasn’t! I had so much content on the blog here and now it’s all gone! 😦 Long story short, I had this blog, then decided to use my hosting provider to host my blog on my own. Well, it’s been one nightmare after the next with it, so now all the content I added to my self-hosted WordPress blog is gone and I am back to using the WordPress hosted blog instead! It infuriates me that this is not the first time this has happened, but actually the third! Now I know. I cannot host my own blog on my own domain because either something is wrong on my hosts end or WordPress has major security issues. Either way, I am back to using this blog. I had a Pepsi Throwback giveaway that was listed and luckily all the entrants I still have (I was smart with that because I actually had people email me directly to win!). I had other reviews and giveaways listed too so I will do my best to get things back the way they were before my self hosted blog went kaput! Please hang in there with me! I am very sorry to all my readers! 😦 Please forgive me!