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Balancing Act – for moms


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Balancing Act for Moms provides career counseling and assessment to mothers who want to change careers or balance work and family life. If you want more time, flexibility, control and fulfillment, with less stress and boredom, Balancing Act for Moms is a great resource for you.

Career women and stay at home moms, learn how to take the realities of your life into account without losing sight of your personal and professional goals and identity. This is career counseling for moms, provided by another mom who has the knowledge and compassion to help you get more of what you want, need, and deserve!

Kim Bartels is passionate about helping people with their personal and professional development. In particular, she helps women negotiate the many twists and turns in their careers and relationships once they become parents.

She has worked for over 15 years in business and educational settings as a Career Counselor, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Talent Assessment Consultant, and Executive Coach. Her areas of expertise include career counseling; assessment of interests, skills and values; women’s issues; and executive coaching for business leaders.

Kim earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia and her B.S. degree in Psychology at Iowa State University. She lives in the Twin Cities, MN, with her husband and two children.

Kim believes that many women value having a strong professional identity. In addition, she understands the joys and demands of becoming a parent. After becoming a mother, Kim reduced her work hours to part-time and learned firsthand what it takes to keep things running smoothly without feeling like you have short-changed one or both sides of the career/family equation. She then founded Balancing Act for Moms with this important mission: Helping mothers with a strong professional identity achieve work/life balance.

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A message to all members of MomsWithAView

Are you a mom? Do you have an opinion? If you answered yes to both of those
questions, then Moms With a View wants you to join their online network. At Moms
With A View, we aim to share all opinions with each other and the world. No more
sugar coating, lets get right down to the roots and share with each other and the
public exactly what we are thinking about life, parenting, pregnancy, economics,
products, and all things domestic!

Do not be afraid. If you have an opinion and feel strongly about something, here is
your platform. If you seek advice and what the truth instead of fluff, then here is
your new home.

With that, I welcome you to Moms With a View!

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Vote for ME and Baby Swags!

Presidential election, bleck! Vote for me and my business, Baby Swags at StartUpNation!!!!! We only have until September 30th! YIKES!!! Hurry vote daily, vote now!! JUST VOTE!!! 😛

Support Baby Swags in the 2008 StartupNation Home-Based Business Competition

Support Baby Swags in the 2008 StartupNation Home-Based Business Competition

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Sister Site: Baby Swags Celebrates it’s 2nd Birthday with New Services!

Happy Birthday to Baby Swags!

Baby Swags is going to be celebrating it’s second birthday on September 9th, 2008. We have helped over 100 companies take a leap into celebrity gifting at an affordable rate. Many of the companies that have sought the help of Baby Swags have been in business one year or less and have been started by work at home moms, aka WAHM’s. We have gifted over 300 celebrities through individual giftings and larger event giftings. All products included have been created and/or invented by mom making our giftings unique in itself.

With our growth comes changes and expansion. As of September 1, 2008 we will be supplying our client as well as our celebrity Baby Swags followers with many new additions. Our immediate plans will include the following:

* Providing our fellow WAHM’s and readers with tips and information on marketing your home based business on a shoe string budget.

* Product Reviews for all members of the family. These reviews will be broken down into different categories that will allow us to provide readers with targeted product information. Our categories will include, Belly Bags that will contain products for the expecting mom such as maternity wear, creams and jewelry, etc… We will have a category for books, daddy’s, the older child and siblings, Nursery & Decor and General Gifts, such as candles and sweet treats. Product reviews are open to any company that is looking to further their businesses.

* We will provide our readers with various monthly giveaways that will most likely be those that have been posted as a review. These items for giveaway will total $25.00 or more and will be sent to winners directly from the designer/manufacturer. More information will come soon

* Radio shows that will consist of WAHM interviews, chats with guest speakers, business advice, weekly call ins and more.

* YouTube video’s of various events will be uploaded and shared. Now you can get a behind the scenes look at what many of us WAHM’s do on a daily basis.

* Newsletter for those that are interested in the products that celebrity new moms have been sent, sales and different offers that are made available only to our newsletter subscribers.

* And finally expand our levels of marketing and pr for clients that will include extra services for trade and consumer shows that Baby Swags participates in, such as LA Baby Expo, product pitching and press releases.

Overall we will be adding extra levels of security for confidential information that will require clients and potential clients to sign a confidentiality agreement that is based on ethical guidelines as stated in our code of ethics pledge.

Baby Swags teams up with Work At Home Moms

Baby Swags is a marketing & pr firm that specializes in promoting juvenile and maternity related products that are or have been created/inspired by work at home moms. The company was started in 2006 as a way for WAHM’s to promote their products and company via celebrity gifting. Since their start, they have gifted over 300 celebrities and have worked with over 100 different entrepreneurial women with limited budgets and newly formed businesses. They have been able to receive thank you notes from celebrities, get some press for their clients and have had some featured in buyers guides and national publications.

In April 2009, Baby Swags will be sharing space with their clients at the 2009 LA Baby Expo that will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on April 25 & 26. If you are just starting out in the world of expo’s, this could be a great way to get your toes wet. Baby Swags will be offering PR services, ad spots, before, during and after the event. You do not have to gift a celebrity to share booth space, this is an open invitation to any new work at home mom who would like to extend their product line.

During past events, the LA Baby Expo has brought in over 20,000 consumers, members of the media, and celebrities. They offer fashion shows, guest speakers, rest stops, and more during this two day event. They have an extensive PR campaign and it is a well talked about production.

If you would like the help of Baby Swags, extra support during your first time out there, extra marketing and PR for your business, be sure to visit and email Phyllis at info [at] babyswags [dot] com. You will need to provide some information on your business, but you will be given a more detailed account of what is involved, from purchasing booth tables to the cost involved, you will be well informed from start to finish. Space is limited, so please make sure you contact them today to lock in your spot!

Baby Swags looking for clients for LA Baby Expo 2009


I wanted to give you a little information on the 2009 LA Baby Expo and some preliminary pricing. We still have quite a bit of time, but it does go by fast, and when you are preparing products for over 20,000 people to see, it can be quite stressful.

As I mentioned earlier, I learned a lot from doing that one show and I now know some changes I would like to make and need to make to insure that everyone has a great turn out.

For the booth location, it was an island location and not having any backdrops was a challenge, so for that reason, I am opting to do either 2 corner booths and 2 inline booths or 4 inline booths. Each booth will be shared with another company and you will have the backdrop to hang any signs you may have.

I am going to say right now because I don’t have the final cost but it will be any where from $970.00 (at the low end) to $1100.00 (high end) per company depending on the booth location. Please note that this price may change and a breakdown will be available once I get the final info from Seascape. That would cover the booth & any PR done by me.

There will be a giveaway each day that would require products and I will be there to help in any way I can. You will be listed in the LA Baby Expo directory under your own name.

You are responsible for the purchase or bringing in of your own tables, chairs, and drapes. The draping I would like to coordinate, but that can all be discussed at a later time. You will receive all that information from the Convention group handling the expo. Last year was around $100.00 for a table, two chairs, draping and garbage can.

If this is something that is of interest, I would need to have a deposit of 50% to hold your spot, and the balance will have to be paid I believe by the end of the year.

Any questions, please let me know. It will only be open right now to 7 more companies and if needed we will open more booths up to accommodate the new companies. Of course since this is all preliminary information, things can and will most likely change, but it is done so to give you an idea of cost, what is involved, and what will be exected. Please feel free to email me or call with any questions and I will answer them as I can.

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Women That Share a Common Bond of Motherhood Support Each Other Best

Online Parenting Community, Moms With A View, Offers Support, Friendship, Networking and Knowledge to Moms at All Ages and Stages in Life.


May 12, 2008 – Whether you are a new mom, single mom, experienced mom, working mom or stay at home mom, Moms With A View lends itself to you to offer support, friendship, networking and knowledge as you share a special connection called, motherhood.

Moms With A View provides readers with information and tools necessary for starting the motherhood journey, which includes a due date calculator, labor bag check list and layette check list. It also offers new and expecting parents with product reviews, book reviews, and new articles geared towards parenting and lives of women who juggle to balance work and home life. The products and books reviewed will primarily come from other work at home moms or mom-inventors to help promote their products to the masses. Reviews will also be provided to corporate business products as well. Past reviewed products consisted of products for kids, a book called, Baby Lists, What to Do and What to Get To Prepare for Baby, by Elaine Farber, and kid friendly products by Story Time Felts.

Moms With A View will also be interviewing “Mompreneur’s” or entrepreneurial women and feature their products. They aim to offer support and networking opportunities to work at home moms, working moms, and mom inventors who can inspire, offer tips, support and encouragement to other moms in similar situations and stages of their own business careers. Interviews will also be posted on the Moms With A View blog as another way to get people to talk about their product and/or services provided. Reaching as many readers as they can, Moms With A View is on a mission to offer every woman business owner a way to promote their business.

Celebrities are another outlet for products and inspiration, so Moms With A View has dedicated a page of information linking readers to some favorite celebrity websites, blogs, magazines and celebrity designer websites. New and expecting moms are popping up all over Hollywood, so it goes without saying, that motherhood is a journey that can be shared by any woman.

In addition to the Moms With A View website, there is an online community that is there to add support, networking, opinions on parenting, work, school, teen years, and various stages of motherhood. You can speak freely and without hesitation as you are encouraged to speak your mind as you see fit. The administration only asks that you address situations in a mature fashion without aiming to bash or intentionally hurt other members. As adults, it is possible that you can get your points and views across without being mean or cruel to other people. Being a mom does not mean that you share the same opinions on raising children, working outside or inside the home, or even whether or not breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding. We are all entitled to our own opinions to to be able to express them in a mature manner is what makes Moms With A View special.

If you are a “mompreneur” and/or author and would like your product or book reviewed, or if you would like to be interviewed for a spot on the MWAV website and blog, be sure to visit Their online community is free to join, all you need to do is register at and start expressing your opinions.
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About Moms With A View: Moms With A View was founded as a way for women and moms to express their thoughts on parenting, pregnancy, hot topics, media, business and more. Moms can use the community to network and get their products and/or services into the public eye. The key to success is helping others in similar situations and to offer them support and inspiration and that is what Moms With A View hopes to do with all the moms it reaches out to.

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