Rainbows to Thunder Storms

rainbow in the sky

While having a heart to heart discussion with my son (he’s 7) about how we take care of items of value he said something I would never have thought of. Here’s the story:

Nintendo DS game on the floor, dog starts to chew DS game. I get upset that the kids do not know how to take care of their toys and we aren’t talking about toys from the dollar store here. Those dang DS games are expensive! So I go into crazy mom mode and rant and rave about how I will never buy them anything again since they obviously do not know how to take care of the things we do buy them, etc…you know the drill. After I calmed myself down enough I went in to talk to him. I told him that I really do not like being upset with him about these things but I need him to understand that we work very hard to be able to afford special things for them and when they don’t take care of them it makes me upset and it hurts me. I went on to explain that he would have to work 12 weeks doing his chores to be able to buy a game, to which he responded with, “That’s a long time”. Then I go into details as to how it would make him feel if he worked really hard to buy me a gift and I left it on the table for the dog to get. Would he be sad, or mad with me? To which he replied, “Yes I would be mad at the dog and sad for you.” Good, I think to myself. I am finally getting to him. Went through the mad/sad feelings again and then he said:

“When you are happy it’s like seeing a rainbow in the sky, and when you are mad, it’s like seeing dark clouds and being in a thunderstorm”


I was very proud of him for replying with that. I wouldn’t have ever thought to compare the feelings of happiness to sadness/anger in that way but I told him that is exactly what it’s like and if he’d like to continue to see rainbows in the sky, he better pick up those dang toys! LOL Then we laughed and all was right with the world again.

TGIF – It means Monday will soon be here

Me and Gianna Xmas 08Yes, most people are happy for the weekend, don’t get me wrong, I am so excited for the weekend, but more so that it will be over soon and Monday will be here. What is happening on Monday you might find yourself asking. Well, that is quite simple really, the kids. The kids will finally all be going back to school on Monday. I will finally have 2 teeny tiny little hours to myself on Monday. I can’t wait! I have so much planned during my quiet time that the anxiety is killing me. I do love my children, yes they make me crazy, yes I love to yell and fight with them all the time, yes I like to clean up after them and nurse them all back to health, and I wouldn’t change my life at all. It’s just been a very long and drawn out winter break. Christmas toys have all been played with. Games have been played, movies have been watched, decorations have been neatly put away, and here we all sit, just waiting for Monday.

Icy StreetWe have had rain, snow, sleet, ice, fog, freezing rain, below zero wind chills and sunshine over the winter break which forced them all to stay indoors this break.Flood 08This two week little break really makes me rethink my plans for summer vacation.

Ahhh, on Monday I have a lot planned! I am going to finally drop off my Good Will bag, clean out the van, make dinner in time for dinner (not at 7 which is when we have been eating lately), take a nice long hot shower and start organizing my office, oh yeah and make a few calls. Remember, I only have two hours of peace, I have to make it count and do all I can during that time. Doesn’t Disney or a nice quiet cruise ship want to send ME on a trip? I need a bail out! 😉 Until then, I will have to settle for Mondays.

TGI Friday – Fun day of play

The day after Christmas. Hmmm. What do you do? Do you rush out for those “After Christmas” sales? Do you stay home and clean up the mess from the holiday? Do you forget it all and just take the day to play? The day after Christmas I find hard to really get anything done. I have no energy to clean up the mess and go through presents again to figure out what is going back and what it going to be kept. It is the quietest day here right now because all the kids are on their own playing all different holiday toys. They have played Wii, Dora Bowling, Legos and K’Nex, Barbie in her pool, and it’s only noon!

TGIF is what I say about today because it is a day for me to chillax in my jammies watching soap opera’s and eating left over Christmas cookies! *The diet doesn’t start until December 2~* The only cleaning I plan on doing is putting all the crap away on my kitchen table that has collected there over the course of the last two days. I have ornaments, decorations, toys, napkins, crumbs, you name it, it is on my table! I am hoping the kids will continue to play nice together and the dog stays away from the candy canes on the tree and today will be a great day!

So, when you are out among the post-holiday shoppers, I will be sitting here in my pj’s all comfy and cozy all day, all night with no plans on going anywhere.