Getting a pool!

I am so excited that we are finally, after two years, getting a pool! The kids are going to have a blast this summer and so will mom! I get to exercise by swimming! I had a pool practically my whole childhood and since I’ve been married (14 years) we haven’t had a pool. It took some convincing, but we went out on Memorial Day weekend and actually bought it! It will be installed on the 9th and I am going to get some pool gear this week! It is a 18′ above ground pool. It has an upgraded staircase thing, solar cover and a do it yourself vacuum! No more doing it by hand, just drop the little thing in the pool and watch it go to work! The only thing I am concerned with is the chemicals. I am no scientist so this should be interesting! I’ll be sure to update with pics for you all so you can live the dream right along with me! šŸ™‚ WOOT!