Stocking up on Batteries already!

Just when you think there aren’t any more deals to be had (LOL) CVS turns around and pulls off another amazing dealio for you! They have it where you purchase $20.00 worth of batteries, you will get $15.00 back in ECB’s. You can do this deal 3 times with your CVS card. I had some .75 off coupons and utilized the store’s coupon and was able to snag up this:

CVS Battery Deal

CVS Battery Deal

Somehow I managed to get 100 batteries, a 2 liter of Pepsi, a bottle of contact solution, 2 glade glass air fresheners, 2 tic tac (impulse buy for the kids), Gold Bond trial lotion, and my prescription all for $13.00, and I didn’t even pay for that out of my pocket! I used my gift card that I got from using my transferred prescription coupon from a mailing! Not to mention that I also got a $15.00 left over ECB and I and $5.00 away from getting another $5.00 ECB when I go back and get the rest of my glade glass air fresheners!

I will be going out again to get some more free stuff! I will report back later when I get out from under my receipts! 🙂


Yes! My quest for inexpensive food continues with a successful shopping trip!

With my husband being laid off of work and me working from home, it has definitely put a huge strain on our finances. We have had to look at ways to cut our spending and our first thought was getting back on track with couponing and finding those amazing ‘hidden’ deals at the grocery stores. With the help of an online email group, readers are kept up to date and well informed of the current and upcoming deals. It is with their help that I am able to slowly grasp the idea of shopping the savvy way! I don’t like to say frugal, I like to say it is smart shopping.

When you start coupon shopping, you want to make sure that you understand your stores coupon policies. My store allows for expired coupons. This makes a good deal even better. We are allowed internet coupons (IPC) at our store as well and there is no limit to how many coupons are allowed as long as you have equal coupons for equal products.

Try to go shopping in an organized fashion. I lack in this department, but I am slowly getting better. I try to only go in with the coupons I need and make sure I have everything written down so I don’t forget what I am doing there and how many products I need to buy to satisfy the deal.

And the last thing I have to mention is you have to be flexible with your brands. You simply take the deals that you are dealt and learn to deal with it! 😛

With that said, today when I went to Jewel, I did two transactions. The first one was for 10 boxes of Swiss Miss hot chocolate. They were on sale for 10/$10 making them each $1.00, but were $2.39 each before the sale. You needed to spend $20.00 and if you do, you will get $10.00 in a catalina or “CAT” back. I scanned all my boxes of Swiss Miss, hit total and it was $24.00 (something like that), then I scanned my preferred card and the discount came off so my total then became $10.00ish. I scanned all my coupons, which brought my total down to $6.00ish. I paid my total and out came my CAT for $10.00 off my next purchase. I just made $4.00 on that deal. Sweetness!

On to my second deal, which really wasn’t a ‘deal’ per say, but what I did was only bought things that I needed or had a coupon for. The photo below shows all I got in the two transactions. I used coupons and CATs (from previous deals which totaled $32.00), so when I calculated everything up, out of my pocket (or OOP) I spent between the two deals less than $24.00 for all that is shown and in addition, I got another CAT for $2.00 off my next shopping order.

Jewel Shopping 11-13-2008

Jewel Shopping 11-13-2008


What can you buy for $20.00 or less?

Today I took advantage of the double coupon day at our local Kmart.  My bill prior to all my coupons was $74.00 and I paid out of my pocket after all my coupons, a mere $19.43, can’t beat that can ya!  I have instructed everyone in my family that I was going to make them each up a basket of products that they use but hate buying.  My family is not as ‘coupon savvy’ as myself, so I am going to put my coupon knowledge to good use.  We have a cat, so obviously all the cat food will be for our furry friend.  We have a dog too so all the doggie treats will satisfy him too.  The Twix, well, that will satisfy me, and I am sure I will need some pantiliners at some point!! 🙂  Then we have razors, nail polish and shampoo that will go towards the family gift baskets of goodies, and Resolve that will be used to clean our dirty carpet after the holidays.  So you see, it was all stuff that will get used by some member of my family and it cost less than $20.00.  This is what it is like when you are shopping on a budget.



What can you buy for less than $20.00 - this is what I got.

What can you buy for less than $20.00 - this is what I got.


Dinner on a Dime

I needed a quick and painless dinner tonight, so this is what I did. You can pay $12.50 for 5 pre-made burgers or you can pay $5.00 for 7, you do the math.

This is what I did tonight:
2 pounds of ground beef = $7.50 (on sale)
bread crumbs
parmesan cheese (the dried up spaghetti kind)
1 egg
1 package of hamburger buns $1.27
american cheese (if necessary)
Frozen French Fries $2.50

You want to mix the ingredients together to form a patty. I don’t measure anymore, but add equal amounts of parmesan cheese and bread crumbs and it is done just so that the meat will pack well. The egg helps it to stick, and the parsley gives it extra flavor. I was able to make 7 patties out of 2 pounds of ground beef.

For $11.27, I was able to feed my family of 5.

**If you have a special time saving or cost efficient recipe and would like to share it with us, please forward it to us at support at momswithaview dot com.

Dinner on a Dime

That is what I am calling my dinner recipes because they really do not cost much at all to make and it will feed a family of 5! Tonight we are having the ever loving “Chicken with Cream of…” dinner. This is a family favorite and very inexpensive to make.

Chicken Breasts (I use 5 for my family) = .58 each (great deal on Tyson boxed breasts)
2 cans of Cream of Celery Soup = .58 each can
Egg Noodles = 2.48 (bag and I will only use half the bag)
1 Can of Carrots = .50
1 Can of Peas = .50

Cook chicken breasts on both sides until fully cooked.
Mix 2 cans of Cream soup with 1/2 cup of milk and heat
Make egg noodles and peas/carrots and mix together
Pour cream soup over noodle mixture and eat with chicken.

YUM! Quick and easy, and best of all CHEAP!!! To feed my family of 5, it cost me $6.30!

Frugal Friday – Do it Yourself

Those with school aged children who take a lunch.  Ponder this will you.

Uncrustables – box of 4 = $2.50 average

Grab yourself a loaf of bread, your peanut butter and your jelly.
Start making sandwiches with the entire loaf of bread.  With a small loaf you can make 10 sandwiches.  Put them all in ziploc bags and place them in your freezer.

It will one: save you time in the morning or at night when having to prepare lunches.  When you need lunch, grab a sandwich from your freezer.
two: it will save you money.  One loaf of bread usually runs about a dollar.  You use a fraction of the peanut butter and jelly.  Maybe it will cost you about $2.50 after you factor in the bags, peanut butter, bread and jelly.  three, you get 6 more sandwiches for the same amount of money.

I experimented with my theory this week.   On Sunday I took 10 minutes, made all the sandwiches and placed them all in the freezer.  For during the week, I just grabbed it out of the freezer, popped it into their lunch boxes and they were on their way.  No more standing there trying to get two lunches made.  They were done in less than one minute!  I had the kids tell me what they thought of their lunches all week.  Each time, they said their sandwiches were perfect.

Save yourself some money.  Do it yourself.

Did a little CVS shopping…I mean, saving!

Man it’s been so long since I have been inside a CVS that going today got my blood pumping up all over the place! I am trying to master the grocery shopping game and have been doing pretty good with getting the deals worked out and tackled with the help of some other groups out there. So today after our doctors appointment I ran quickly through the aisles of CVS and this is what I scored…

3 bottles of Suave Body Wash (thanks to our reviewers views, I had to give these a shot!)
1 bottle of Children’s Advil
1 Revlon Mascara
1 CVS Baby Powder

This is how the transaction went down:

Suave 3/$5.00
Revlon Mascara $6.49
Advil $5.79
CVS Baby Powder $1.49
——total 18.77 plus tax

Minus Coupons:
.75 Suave coupon
B1G1 Free Suave coupon (scanned at -$2.00)
1.00 off Revlon
2.00 off 10
2.00 off CVS Skincare
10.00 ECB
total due $1.12 including tax
used gift card for balance–oop -0-

Got back in ECB’s $10.79 and free CVS Ibuprofen

Total paid for all products show above after ECB’s and giftcards, etc… 33 CENTS!!!
Damn that’s good! OH, I could have done better by using an advil coupon but I left those at home!!! When I go again, I will be bringing that with as long as they are not expired!!

I can now go back and get more of the childrens advil and keep rolling my ECB’s!!!

Oh what a deal

That was sung in my best “Oh what a night” voice. Yeah, so I went shopping this weekend! I had so much fun too doing it. I got a lot of deals and I wanted to share them with someone, so lets make that someone you!

First I went to Jewel to get The Dark Knight movie tickets. See, when you purchase 10 General Mills products you get a coupon code that allows you to get two free movie tickets. Well due to cashier error, I ended up with more codes than I was supposed to get. Faulty cash register I am assuming. In any event, I was supposed to get 6 free tickets and I ended up with 10. I gave one pair to my brother, so I had 4 codes good for 8 tickets. Still a good deal for me. With all my coupons and such I ended up spending about $10.00 for 32 products and 10 movie tickets. (10 bags of chex mix, 10 bags of cheerio mix, 10 boxes of yoplait yogurt-gogurt and 2 loaves of bread.)

Then on to CVS. I ended up getting 10 bottles of Sally Hansen nail polish for free. Ended up spending more there than I wanted to, but that is ok, it doesn’t happen that often. I thought I was going to get overage but that didn’t happen. I could return the b1g1 free lipsticks! LOL

Walgreens, buy one Loreal Vive get one free, used the coupon in today’s paper for B1G1 Loreal Vive for free shampoo! 🙂 YAY!!!

Better yet, I get home to enter in all my movie codes expecting to get 8 tickets to print out and instead I find out that there are no participating theaters in my area so I was given the option to search for another zip code or get a prepaid visa/debit card valued at $25.50…well, heck yeah, don’t have to ask me twice, I am snatching up that visa/debit card! I will have mailed to me $102.00 worth of Visa/Debit cards (in 7-10 days)! Not sure what they can and cannot be used for, but what ever it is, I’ll take it! 🙂

It was all in all a great shopping day for me.

I saved $90.00, spent $130.00 for two weeks of food

I am getting better with the coupon shopping.  Tonight I went to two stores to work the deals and I think I did fairly well.  First went to Strack and Van Til where my bill was about $100.00 and I paid after coupons, $64.00.  I got things like cases of pop, water, liters of pop, ground beef, round steak, cheese, salami, 2 loaves of bread, two dozen eggs, cleaning products, deodorant, laundry soap (4 of them) and so much more!  I was more than thrilled to have saved close to $45.00.  Then on to Jewel where again, total bill was around $100.00 and I spent $65.00, saved $49.00!  I got a Stouffers meal, 2 gallons of milk, 3 packs of refridge pudding by Jello, a loaf of french bread, honey ham, 2 12 packs of beer, toothpaste, OJ, lemonade, grape juices, shampoo, fabric softener, chocolate milk powder mix, cheese, taco stuff, and more and more.

I honestly can’t tell you how happy I am to have saved almost 100.00, or better yet 50% of my bill.  I shopped with coupons in hand and knowing what I wanted.  I do have to go back to the store because they rang up the Stouffers meals wrong and I need to get a raincheck for strawberries!  They had those at $1.48 each!!!

I love coupon shopping!  I don’t know why it took me so long to get back into the habit.  That $90.00 we saved can now happily go into my gas tank! 😛

Monthly Meal Menu – June

Back by popular demand, I will be sharing our monthly meals with you.  If you are in need of a recipe, please let me know and I will either post it or email it to you.  I am in the process of making a weekly recipe posting so you can share yours and see others.  For now, any questions, please direct them to support at momswithaveiw dot com!


Here ya go….
June\'s meals for the month!