Damn Gas Companies

In this day and age it is unheard of to not have debt, or no credit cards, right? ¬†There are a few lucky ones who are fortunate enough to live debt free and with no credit cards carrying a balance. ¬†I for one am not that lucky. ¬†We are currently living way above our means and have an enormous amount of debt. ¬†I thought perhaps I can call the companies as suggested by many financial advisors and ask them to lower our interest rates. ¬†I have to say, I was a bit terrified at first, but after the first call, I felt more at ease and it just flowed off my tongue with no shame. ¬†The first company I called starts with the letter K and rhymes with holes. ¬†I was told that they cannot lower the rate and I was basically out of luck. ¬†Well, ok, on to the next. ¬†It was Capital One. ¬†They were so wonderful to speak with. Right away I was told I was a valuable customer of 7 years and they would like to keep our relationship a positive one so they offered to lower my rate 5% to a fixed 9.9%! ¬†I was amazed! ¬†How cool is that! ¬†Then I moved on to another independent store and no, they said, sorry, we can’t do that. ¬†Those two cards were at a 22% rate (give or take), so when I was talking to Capital One, they told me I can transfer balances at 0% for 18 months and there are no transfer fees!!!!! ¬†After the 18 months, the transfered balance/s would go to the fixed rate of 9.9%, so right there, I would be saving 12.1%!

¬†I found out that the ability to help was 50/50. ¬†I did not think to myself, “Oh, yeah this is great” as most were not willing to work with us after explaining our situation. ¬†I know ¬†a lot of people are in similar situations and I would love to hear what has helped or just your experiences in general with regards to resolving credit card debt. ¬†Please feel free to leave a comment below.¬†

After figuring out that I need to transfer those two high rated cards to the lower one, I decided to call a gas company. ¬†We are at our limit on those as well, but they too have a 23% rate! ¬†I called they said, sure lets see what we can do. ¬†Then came back with, sorry you don’t qualify. ¬†WTF? ¬†We don’t “Qualify”, how does one qualify? ¬†Do you randomly pick people and say, here, it is your lucky day. ¬†You get a lower rate! ¬†So yeah, on top of paying $3.10 a gallon, you can’t lower your interest rate? ¬†They sent me to their consolidation department. ¬†They were closed, but I plan on calling tomorrow to find out what exactly they wish to consolidate. ¬†Would they risk bankruptcy or agree to work with us? ¬†Let stay tuned and find out tomorrow.

When ever I hear consolidation, it freaks me out and makes me think of people running around with my money, or scamming me and I’d end up owing more than I really needed to pay to begin with after their “fees”. ¬† Not sure what exactly this consolidation department is all about, but I will share what happens, that’s for sure.

I just thought that was a kicker…here pay $3.10 a gallon for gas, and pay 24% interest so we can collect even more money from you suckers!!!¬†