Baby Swags is giving away Psi Bands – they help relieve nausea


Psi Bands are stylish acupressure wrist band used to relieve nausea commonly caused by pregnancy, as well as travel and medical procedures. Psi Bands (pronounced “sigh bands”) were conceived by two girlfriends who discovered the positive effects of using wrist acupressure to alleviate the severe morning sickness they suffered during each of their pregnancies. Unsatisfied with existing products on the market, they decided to create something both functional and fashionable.

Though acupressure bands have been used to relieve nausea for years, there are three main attributes unique to Psi Bands:
1) These are the only bands to be fully adjustable – both around the wrist and at the acupressure point.
2) Psi Bands are waterproof and can be worn in the shower, pool, ocean, etc.
3) They are specifically designed with fashion in mind – Psi Bands are available in five different colors and designs.

To enter to win, all you have to do is head over to Baby Swags Blog and follow the entry directions! You will be able to select your color/style too if you win!

Vote for ME and Baby Swags!

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Sister Site: Baby Swags Celebrates it’s 2nd Birthday with New Services!

Happy Birthday to Baby Swags!

Baby Swags is going to be celebrating it’s second birthday on September 9th, 2008. We have helped over 100 companies take a leap into celebrity gifting at an affordable rate. Many of the companies that have sought the help of Baby Swags have been in business one year or less and have been started by work at home moms, aka WAHM’s. We have gifted over 300 celebrities through individual giftings and larger event giftings. All products included have been created and/or invented by mom making our giftings unique in itself.

With our growth comes changes and expansion. As of September 1, 2008 we will be supplying our client as well as our celebrity Baby Swags followers with many new additions. Our immediate plans will include the following:

* Providing our fellow WAHM’s and readers with tips and information on marketing your home based business on a shoe string budget.

* Product Reviews for all members of the family. These reviews will be broken down into different categories that will allow us to provide readers with targeted product information. Our categories will include, Belly Bags that will contain products for the expecting mom such as maternity wear, creams and jewelry, etc… We will have a category for books, daddy’s, the older child and siblings, Nursery & Decor and General Gifts, such as candles and sweet treats. Product reviews are open to any company that is looking to further their businesses.

* We will provide our readers with various monthly giveaways that will most likely be those that have been posted as a review. These items for giveaway will total $25.00 or more and will be sent to winners directly from the designer/manufacturer. More information will come soon

* Radio shows that will consist of WAHM interviews, chats with guest speakers, business advice, weekly call ins and more.

* YouTube video’s of various events will be uploaded and shared. Now you can get a behind the scenes look at what many of us WAHM’s do on a daily basis.

* Newsletter for those that are interested in the products that celebrity new moms have been sent, sales and different offers that are made available only to our newsletter subscribers.

* And finally expand our levels of marketing and pr for clients that will include extra services for trade and consumer shows that Baby Swags participates in, such as LA Baby Expo, product pitching and press releases.

Overall we will be adding extra levels of security for confidential information that will require clients and potential clients to sign a confidentiality agreement that is based on ethical guidelines as stated in our code of ethics pledge.

Baby Swags teams up with Work At Home Moms

Baby Swags is a marketing & pr firm that specializes in promoting juvenile and maternity related products that are or have been created/inspired by work at home moms. The company was started in 2006 as a way for WAHM’s to promote their products and company via celebrity gifting. Since their start, they have gifted over 300 celebrities and have worked with over 100 different entrepreneurial women with limited budgets and newly formed businesses. They have been able to receive thank you notes from celebrities, get some press for their clients and have had some featured in buyers guides and national publications.

In April 2009, Baby Swags will be sharing space with their clients at the 2009 LA Baby Expo that will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on April 25 & 26. If you are just starting out in the world of expo’s, this could be a great way to get your toes wet. Baby Swags will be offering PR services, ad spots, before, during and after the event. You do not have to gift a celebrity to share booth space, this is an open invitation to any new work at home mom who would like to extend their product line.

During past events, the LA Baby Expo has brought in over 20,000 consumers, members of the media, and celebrities. They offer fashion shows, guest speakers, rest stops, and more during this two day event. They have an extensive PR campaign and it is a well talked about production.

If you would like the help of Baby Swags, extra support during your first time out there, extra marketing and PR for your business, be sure to visit and email Phyllis at info [at] babyswags [dot] com. You will need to provide some information on your business, but you will be given a more detailed account of what is involved, from purchasing booth tables to the cost involved, you will be well informed from start to finish. Space is limited, so please make sure you contact them today to lock in your spot!

When you give a 10 year old girl a camcorder

You will most likely see her belting out a tune that their idols sing, such as I saw with my 10 year old. Here is Alyssa, my 10 year old daughter. Her dream is to become a singer one day and who am I to stop her pursue her dreams? So, I had decided to get her mug on YouTube and when I showed her what I did, she blushed and did something that surprised me. She started jumping up and down. Oh, ok then, I guess I made her day! She wanted the camcorder again so she can do more things to put on YouTube…like her walking around her room explaining what everything was. Do people really want to know that stuff? Weird if you ask me! I nixed that idea real fast.

Anyway, here is Alyssa singing Miley Cyrus’s “I Miss You”. Feel free to comment if you like it, she would be very excited to see and read your comments!

Baby Swags looking for clients for LA Baby Expo 2009


I wanted to give you a little information on the 2009 LA Baby Expo and some preliminary pricing. We still have quite a bit of time, but it does go by fast, and when you are preparing products for over 20,000 people to see, it can be quite stressful.

As I mentioned earlier, I learned a lot from doing that one show and I now know some changes I would like to make and need to make to insure that everyone has a great turn out.

For the booth location, it was an island location and not having any backdrops was a challenge, so for that reason, I am opting to do either 2 corner booths and 2 inline booths or 4 inline booths. Each booth will be shared with another company and you will have the backdrop to hang any signs you may have.

I am going to say right now because I don’t have the final cost but it will be any where from $970.00 (at the low end) to $1100.00 (high end) per company depending on the booth location. Please note that this price may change and a breakdown will be available once I get the final info from Seascape. That would cover the booth & any PR done by me.

There will be a giveaway each day that would require products and I will be there to help in any way I can. You will be listed in the LA Baby Expo directory under your own name.

You are responsible for the purchase or bringing in of your own tables, chairs, and drapes. The draping I would like to coordinate, but that can all be discussed at a later time. You will receive all that information from the Convention group handling the expo. Last year was around $100.00 for a table, two chairs, draping and garbage can.

If this is something that is of interest, I would need to have a deposit of 50% to hold your spot, and the balance will have to be paid I believe by the end of the year.

Any questions, please let me know. It will only be open right now to 7 more companies and if needed we will open more booths up to accommodate the new companies. Of course since this is all preliminary information, things can and will most likely change, but it is done so to give you an idea of cost, what is involved, and what will be exected. Please feel free to email me or call with any questions and I will answer them as I can.

Baby Swags Celebrity Gifting Reveals Six Hot Baby Products at the LA Baby Celebration Expo and is offering 4 giveaways!

Baby Swags is making it’s debut appearance at the LA Baby Celebration this weekend, April 12 & 13th. LA Baby Celebration is the go to place for new and expecting moms who want fun, trendy, and upscale products for their new little bundles.

Baby Swags is a marketing firm that specializes in promoting pregnancy and juvenile products to celebrity moms and dads. They have gifted over 200 celebrities and are developing the reputation for finding unique baby products that are becoming must have’s for every parent. Gifted celebrities have included, Jennie Garth, Kevin James, Jeff Gordon, Cocco Arquette, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling and more. Please note, none of the celebrities gifted endorse any products by Baby Swags clients unless it is specifically stated.

Located in booth #127 you will find 6 Baby Swags clients showcasing their creations. Among them will be baby bib designer and mom to triplets, Claudine, creator of the SnugEase bib. Protects at the neck where other bibs gap. The SnugEase Bib, with its Memory Arms that hold their shape and its gathered extra fabric offers these outstanding features, Absorbs dribble, Never gaps around the neck, Needs no fasteners and Adjusts to any size baby. SnugEase

Ritzy Bitzy will be showing off their upscale line of onesies, Soothie Squares, and Bottle Bibs. Keeping your baby comfy and dry during feedings has never been easier, thanks to their stylish and functional Baby Bottle Bibs (patent pending). Because your baby likes drinking milk…not wearing it!
Ritzy Bitzy

Loving Baby, Inc will be showcasing their award winning swaddling blanket! When you have learned the benefits of this easy to use and unique blanket and how it improves the quality of life for you and your baby, we think you’ll agree that the Loving Baby Swaddle Blanket is truly a newborn necessity! Loving Baby, Inc.

Trebco, Specialty Products, Inc. will be sharing their baby must have, Wubbanub. The WubbaNub™ is designed to keep the pacifier conveniently placed to infant. It is a soft plush that brings soothing comfort and security to baby. It has vibrant colors that are stimulating and captivating. The WubbaNub™ can also be an asset in the development of hand-eye coordination. For ages Birth (Full Term) to 6 Months it is a Latex Free Medical Grade Silicone Pacifier and requires no pacifier cords or clips. Wubbanub

Eaz-Z Wraps offers consumers with their homemade organic blankets. Mother of 4, including twins, Melinda needed a multipurpose blanket for the twins and shortly developed the Eaz-Z Wrap that is a multipurpose cotton blanket large enough to wrap one, two, or three babies. This blanket is not just a baby blanket, but a blanket that your child can grow with. Eaz-Z Wraps

Brianna Babywear is showing off all their special flair with 100% Pima Cotton clothing for infants and toddlers. Bringing easy to care for, high quality with affordable prices to the homes of many new parents. You will enjoy their designs and knowing that your child is wearing the most luxurious soft cotton on the planet! Brianna Babywear

Baby Swags will be giving away 4 baskets at the LA Baby Celebration expo on April 12, 2008 & April 13, 2008. Giveaways will take place at noon and 6:00PM on both days. All entrants are required to visit each vendor for before their entry form can become valid. Winners do not need to be present to win as all prizes will be shipped directly to the individual winners mailing address.

If you are in the area and would like to stop by, we would all love to see you at booth #127 so we can share our business and products with you and your family. Tickets information is available at Los Angeles Convention Center, Hall K – 1201 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 741-1151 – and can be purchased at the Center Box Office. If you are a member of the media and would like your VIP tickets, please email with your information and we will happily greet you at the door.

For more information on how your business can send products to celebrities, please email and be sure to fill out their registration form located at

For Media inquiries, please email or call 815-577-8459