It’s Football Season! Ladies, it’s time to get out of Dodge!

When football season arrives, ladies, do you feel as if you are single again? Are you overlooked on Sundays from noon until about 10-11PM, then again on Monday nights…not to mention the occasional Thursday night? For the last few years, I have used Sunday’s as “My Time” and I conveniently leave the kids at home and run errands, spend time in book stores, go grab a nice quiet bite to eat, you know, all the things that you don’t get to do when you have kids. I thought it would be nice to plan a trip for a weekend away with just the ‘girls’, staying in a hotel, using it as “My Time” to refresh myself, rejuvenate myself, reconnect with myself and my girlfriends. Even if I don’t plan little “escapes”, I try to take time out of my week to “Pamper Me”.

When planning a trip anywhere, I always think of Holiday Inn. Probably because that is the hotel that my parents often had us staying in when we went on family vacations. It wasn’t a real vacation until we stayed in a Holiday Inn. Heck, we even went a couple towns over during the winter and stayed in one during the cold winter weekend so we can go swimming in their indoor pool! I did some searching and Holiday Inn’s are all over the world! Take a look at these photos and tell me they don’t look amazing! (What I would give to visit Paris or Bali for my “girls get away” trip!!)


Holiday Inn - Paris


Holiday Inn - Bali

I have a nice little contest for you all that will get you one $10.00 iTunes gift card, which would make a great stocking stuffer, should you be selected as our winner!

To Enter: You can pick one or all of your entry options!

1. Earn TWO entries: Check out the new website for Holiday Inn and pick any hotel in the US or International. You can use this time to pretend to go to some exotic location, plan a fake trip for yourself, go where you have always wanted. Check out the actual hotel in that city and comment back to me with the name of the city you went to on your dream “girls get away” and what intrigued you the most about that particular hotel.

2. Earn ONE entry: This comment post is all about you! I want to know if you have fond memories traveling as a child, what do you wish to pass along to your children, what have you passed along to them already, I want to hear your stories!

3. Earn ONE entry: Have you taken a ‘girls get away’ trip? If so, what made your get away special? How long were you gone for, was it for a nice spa weekend, or a party on the town weekend?

4. Earn ONE entry: Tweet about this giveaway and post your tweet link!

5. Earn ONE entry: How do you pamper yourself? Does not have to be all travel related. If you just pamper yourself by enjoying a weekly bubble bath with candle and soothing music after the kids have gone to bed, or if you take the day and just hide out in some remote location, I want to know what you do to just “Pamper Yourself”.

There you have it…you have 5 ways to enter! Enter once or enter all five options to maximize your chances!

Deadline is November 30, 2009 @ midnight, CST! The winner will be awarded one $10.00 iTunes gift card! Please be sure to either register using your email address or provide it within the post so I can somehow get in touch with you should you be randomly selected as our winner!

This is so exciting for me! I can’t wait to get “Out of Dodge” as they say! & Disney World -Enter to win

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Emily Kaufman, aka “The Travel Mom”, will share some tips on that will help every family getaway be what it should be: fun and stress-free!

Good luck to you!

Relax into the New Year! – Giveaway

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