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What can you buy for $20.00 or less?

Today I took advantage of the double coupon day at our local Kmart.  My bill prior to all my coupons was $74.00 and I paid out of my pocket after all my coupons, a mere $19.43, can’t beat that can ya!  I have instructed everyone in my family that I was going to make them each up a basket of products that they use but hate buying.  My family is not as ‘coupon savvy’ as myself, so I am going to put my coupon knowledge to good use.  We have a cat, so obviously all the cat food will be for our furry friend.  We have a dog too so all the doggie treats will satisfy him too.  The Twix, well, that will satisfy me, and I am sure I will need some pantiliners at some point!! 🙂  Then we have razors, nail polish and shampoo that will go towards the family gift baskets of goodies, and Resolve that will be used to clean our dirty carpet after the holidays.  So you see, it was all stuff that will get used by some member of my family and it cost less than $20.00.  This is what it is like when you are shopping on a budget.



What can you buy for less than $20.00 - this is what I got.

What can you buy for less than $20.00 - this is what I got.


My trip to Jewel/Osco today resulted in a great saving!

I am going to list everything I bought because I just have to see it to believe it.

Charmin Ultra Soft 48
Dawn Foam 13.5 oz
Cascade 100 oz
Kelloggs Mini Wheats
Kelloggs Frosted Flakes
Kelloggs Apple Jacks
Kelloggs Corn Pops
2- Kelloggs Fruit Loops
2- Kelloggs Rice Krispy’s
2- Kelloggs 22 oz Pop Tarts
5 -Hunts Snack Pack Puddings
Hunts Ketchup
3 cans Beefaroni
2 microwaveable beefaroni
3 cans Redi Whipped Cream
4- Aquafresh toothpastes
4 packs of bic pens
2 15oz tubs Country Crock butter
2 packages of strawberries
2 bottles Fish Oil Vitamins
1 gallon milk

Total out of pocket…. $37.00

Excellent deals! I could have done better, but I was still very pleased with my transactions!

Oh what a deal

That was sung in my best “Oh what a night” voice. Yeah, so I went shopping this weekend! I had so much fun too doing it. I got a lot of deals and I wanted to share them with someone, so lets make that someone you!

First I went to Jewel to get The Dark Knight movie tickets. See, when you purchase 10 General Mills products you get a coupon code that allows you to get two free movie tickets. Well due to cashier error, I ended up with more codes than I was supposed to get. Faulty cash register I am assuming. In any event, I was supposed to get 6 free tickets and I ended up with 10. I gave one pair to my brother, so I had 4 codes good for 8 tickets. Still a good deal for me. With all my coupons and such I ended up spending about $10.00 for 32 products and 10 movie tickets. (10 bags of chex mix, 10 bags of cheerio mix, 10 boxes of yoplait yogurt-gogurt and 2 loaves of bread.)

Then on to CVS. I ended up getting 10 bottles of Sally Hansen nail polish for free. Ended up spending more there than I wanted to, but that is ok, it doesn’t happen that often. I thought I was going to get overage but that didn’t happen. I could return the b1g1 free lipsticks! LOL

Walgreens, buy one Loreal Vive get one free, used the coupon in today’s paper for B1G1 Loreal Vive for free shampoo! 🙂 YAY!!!

Better yet, I get home to enter in all my movie codes expecting to get 8 tickets to print out and instead I find out that there are no participating theaters in my area so I was given the option to search for another zip code or get a prepaid visa/debit card valued at $25.50…well, heck yeah, don’t have to ask me twice, I am snatching up that visa/debit card! I will have mailed to me $102.00 worth of Visa/Debit cards (in 7-10 days)! Not sure what they can and cannot be used for, but what ever it is, I’ll take it! 🙂

It was all in all a great shopping day for me.

Saving Times

We are all looking to save time and Angie Doel, owner of has found a way to help others achieve that goal. offers links to different websites dedicated to help save you money by couponing, learning the ins and outs of finding the good deals and tips for organizing, which as we know, being organized is a time saver in itself.  

Saving Times provides you with a service that happens to help save you money as well as time. If you do not have time to cut coupons, simply purchase a coupon pack that suits your needs.  You can select non-grocery items, or food items, or even a pet pack.  All packs start out at $5.00.  Starting at $25.00, you can customize your childs goodie bags so you don’t even have to do the work.  Another wonderful option is to purchase the scrap pack for $5.00 and get a handful of scrapbooking supplies, such as stickers, cut outs and paper.  It is just enough to embellish a small page. 

As an avid shopping, Angie knows a thing or two about saving money, as she shops weekly for a family of 9!  (Her and her hubby, 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats!)  She gains personal satisfaction knowing she is helping others to save money.   She offers a newsletter and referral program to her customers. 

Tap into your frugal side.  will help you get on the right track for saving money and SavingTimes! 

Printable Coupons

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