Hanes.com & Disney World -Enter to win

Summer is here and kids are trading classrooms for camp-outs, buses for
bikes and math lessons for swimming lessons. Hanes also knows that the
fun-filled season also means more family travel, which is why they are
offering families everywhere in the US the chance to “Vacation in
Comfort” during The Year of A Million Dreams at Walt Disney World(r)
Resort. Buy specially marked packages of Hanes products and you could win a Walt Disney World vacation. (You can also request a free code by mail with a limit of 10 separately requested mail ins.)

The contest runs from June through August 30, 2008 and seven winning
families will be drawn on Sunday, September 21. You can visit
www.hanes.com/vacationincomfort for additional details and to enter.

Emily Kaufman, aka “The Travel Mom”, will share some tips on hanes.com/kids that will help every family getaway be what it should be: fun and stress-free!

Good luck to you!

Hanes.com enjoyment for the whole family!

On Friday I received a wonderful package containing a great selection of Hanes products.  Now I know from shopping for three children, Hanes makes great underwear, socks, under shirts and I remember awhile back buying sweat shirts,  but that is all I pretty much knew of them.  I was so excited to see that they have a nice sized clothing line as well.  There is stuff for anyone, any size, any age.  Ok, so back to my package of clothing.  My youngest who is 3 spotted her goodies which included Tinker Bell underwear, which she was ever so thrilled with along with some socks, two shirts and a matching skort.  Of course she tried everything on, one right after the other and instantly formed her favorite, even though I loved them all on her, she is her own self and has already developed her own sense of style.  She particularly loved the Monkey Tee and Tinkerbell Underwear.

Girls Tee

Tinkerbell underwear

¬† When my son, who is almost 7 heard the commotion, he came in to see what he can score.¬† He was thrilled to find new socks, new underwear, a zippered hooded sweatshirt (in red…which he happens to be playing on the Red Sox in this seasons little league, so it was as if it was meant to be!), a long shirt tee, short shirt tee and sweatshirt.¬† He tried everything on and was really happy, as much as a boy could be, about his new clothes.¬† The one thing I noticed, he didn’t really ever take off that red zippered hooded sweat shirt, which may warrant a good washing by now!¬†

hooded sweatshirt

long sleeved shirt

 My oldest, being a girl, age 9, going on 19 loved to see her new tees.  She wore one yesterday and loved it because it was a longer style; everything according to her style needs to be long and semi-fitted. 

long tee

¬†For me, as a mom, actually getting to see at first hand the quality and style of the clothing is what impressed me the most.¬† They were able to hold up well with three kids, different ages, different sizes, different styles.¬† That right there is a huge task to tackle.¬† We all really enjoyed our Hanes clothing and you can to by simply going to http://www.hanes.com¬†and checking out the different links for girls and boys.¬† (And, if you have time, find a few things for yourself!) ¬†One big contributing factor for our family is cost of clothing and I was happy to see that Hanes was priced for perfection! ¬†With Hanes, in my opinion, you just can’t go wrong. ¬†Style + cost + quality = One happy mom!


 When you go to the hanes.com website, be sure to check out the articles posted.  You will find some really good tips on getting your children involved in physical fitness and provide them basic fundamentals for making healthy life style choices.  

Kathy Kaehler, expert fitness trainer stated,

“Lack of time is one of the biggest reasons that people, especially children, don‚Äôt exercise regularly; between school and extra-curricular activities, the days sometimes don‚Äôt feel long enough! So, when there isn‚Äôt enough time for a full work out, do a little at a time. Shorter periods of exercise can also help hold your younger children‚Äôs attention better and keep them interested. The ‚Äúone minute workout‚ÄĚ is a great way to put fitness into your children‚Äôs day, at the beginning, middle and end, if possible. With your kids, do 10 punches, 10 march-in-place, 10 jumping jacks, 10 touch-the-floor and jump-up, and finish with 10 run-in-place. You‚Äôre done in just one minute and best of all, you can do it anywhere in the house and at any time! I also encourage your family to walk more. Even if it‚Äôs just once or twice a week, 10 minutes of brisk walking will get everyone‚Äôs collective heart rate up, and you’ll be spending quality time together, too ( no cell phone allowed!) which fosters closer relationships and better communication.”¬†

  And here is another great idea that Kathy makes, have the kids help carry the groceries!!!   

Best of all, busy moms can create a customized family calendar with different icons for all the different activities in their children’s schedules such as soccer, homework, movie night, dance class, etc… just drop and drag.¬† Wonderful, easy tool that can help keep your whole family fit, and organzied!¬† Take a peak at the whole Kathy Kaehler article by visiting her page at¬†Hanes.com – Kathy Kaehler