Stocking up on Batteries already!

Just when you think there aren’t any more deals to be had (LOL) CVS turns around and pulls off another amazing dealio for you! They have it where you purchase $20.00 worth of batteries, you will get $15.00 back in ECB’s. You can do this deal 3 times with your CVS card. I had some .75 off coupons and utilized the store’s coupon and was able to snag up this:

CVS Battery Deal

CVS Battery Deal

Somehow I managed to get 100 batteries, a 2 liter of Pepsi, a bottle of contact solution, 2 glade glass air fresheners, 2 tic tac (impulse buy for the kids), Gold Bond trial lotion, and my prescription all for $13.00, and I didn’t even pay for that out of my pocket! I used my gift card that I got from using my transferred prescription coupon from a mailing! Not to mention that I also got a $15.00 left over ECB and I and $5.00 away from getting another $5.00 ECB when I go back and get the rest of my glade glass air fresheners!

I will be going out again to get some more free stuff! I will report back later when I get out from under my receipts! 🙂


Did a little CVS shopping…I mean, saving!

Man it’s been so long since I have been inside a CVS that going today got my blood pumping up all over the place! I am trying to master the grocery shopping game and have been doing pretty good with getting the deals worked out and tackled with the help of some other groups out there. So today after our doctors appointment I ran quickly through the aisles of CVS and this is what I scored…

3 bottles of Suave Body Wash (thanks to our reviewers views, I had to give these a shot!)
1 bottle of Children’s Advil
1 Revlon Mascara
1 CVS Baby Powder

This is how the transaction went down:

Suave 3/$5.00
Revlon Mascara $6.49
Advil $5.79
CVS Baby Powder $1.49
——total 18.77 plus tax

Minus Coupons:
.75 Suave coupon
B1G1 Free Suave coupon (scanned at -$2.00)
1.00 off Revlon
2.00 off 10
2.00 off CVS Skincare
10.00 ECB
total due $1.12 including tax
used gift card for balance–oop -0-

Got back in ECB’s $10.79 and free CVS Ibuprofen

Total paid for all products show above after ECB’s and giftcards, etc… 33 CENTS!!!
Damn that’s good! OH, I could have done better by using an advil coupon but I left those at home!!! When I go again, I will be bringing that with as long as they are not expired!!

I can now go back and get more of the childrens advil and keep rolling my ECB’s!!!