January Monthly Meal Calendar

Here is a link to our community calendar that I have added each of the meals I will be making my family for the month of January.

January Monthly Meal Calendar

This helps plan grocery lists as well as saves time and money when trying to figure out what you should make. I go grocery shopping now every two weeks and pick up ingredients that are needed for the following two weeks worth of meals. I also make sure I have all I need for school lunches and breakfasts for those two weeks to help eliminate trips to the grocery store.  When you click on the individual title, say, “steak”, it will pop up with sides and some times it will state the actual recipe.

If for some reason you cannot view our monthly meal menu, please email me at support @ momswithaview.com and I would be happy to email you a copy. I have not yet transfered it to a word doc because something is wrong with my scanner. Sorry for the inconvenience.