Miley Cyrus Concert or Bust

I say bust. As a mom of a tween, of course we live in a house filled with Miley chat, products, clothing, music, and tv. It can get quite overwhelming at times but I do remember having my idols when I was her age so I don’t think too much about it. What I do think too much of lately is an experience with the purchase of Miley Cyrus Fan Club “Pre-sale” concert tickets. Lemme explain.

Miley World announces that you can purchase Pre-Sale concert tickets on Monday, June 8 at 10:00 am local time to the venue. They are allotted 5000 tickets per venue for fan club members. So I wait patiently until the clock strikes 10am and I am at my computer with credit card in hand. Now, first off, they are doing ‘paperless’ ticketing, meaning you are limited to 4 tickets per HOUSEHOLD and the person who’s credit card you used must be present to redeem the tickets. No, you cannot buy little Johnny, or sister Sarah tickets for their birthday unless you plan on driving them and getting them in using that credit card and government issued ID. Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand completely that ticket prices were outrageous, scalpers were out in full force during her last concert appearance so something had to be done. They also had pre-sale for American Express card holders, so even if I wanted to, I couldn’t get another set of 4 tickets and sell the others at face value if I got better seats the second time around. Now, regular sale tickets begin on Saturday. I can try to get tickets under my moms name and address and see if we can get any closer, but then what do I do with the 4 paperless tickets that I will still have? I am kicking myself for buying these tickets. Do I have an out?

I guess my main issue at this point is how Fan Club members get nose – bleed seats? If they are giving you advanced notice by offering you “Pre-Sale” tickets, don’t you think you would get a better shot at getting tickets closer to the stage instead of getting tickets in the 306 section? We pay yearly for this so called fan club, which all it is really, is an online community for tweens and teens to talk about Miley and how much they love her. I can say this for sure. I am thinking twice about renewing that membership, it clearly is not worth it.

Now, I am stuck with crappy seats, out $285.00, and my yearly membership fee. Is my daughter even thrilled to see the concert? Well I can’t say she is too excited knowing that she is going to see a speck on a stage. I just hope the show exceeds our expectations because as of right now, we are not happy Miley fans.

When you give a 10 year old girl a camcorder

You will most likely see her belting out a tune that their idols sing, such as I saw with my 10 year old. Here is Alyssa, my 10 year old daughter. Her dream is to become a singer one day and who am I to stop her pursue her dreams? So, I had decided to get her mug on YouTube and when I showed her what I did, she blushed and did something that surprised me. She started jumping up and down. Oh, ok then, I guess I made her day! She wanted the camcorder again so she can do more things to put on YouTube…like her walking around her room explaining what everything was. Do people really want to know that stuff? Weird if you ask me! I nixed that idea real fast.

Anyway, here is Alyssa singing Miley Cyrus’s “I Miss You”. Feel free to comment if you like it, she would be very excited to see and read your comments!

Miley Cyrus Photo…good or bad?

Really, does it really impact your decision to let your child watch Hannah Montana? For me, no, it doesn’t. I look at it this way. If, by chance (although it be a small chance) that my daughter was approached to do a photo shoot with Annie Leibovitz, I would not and could not turn it down. Now, that being said, I know I will get a lot of slack from it, but you know what? You all have to remember she is a person first, an actress & singer second. As a parent of a young girl, I think it is a beautiful, natural looking photo and to have it captured by a leading, famous photographer, I would think it would be an honor for my daughter. I do not think it portrays Miley in a bad way or in a way that should harm her career. I know there have been many actors/resses that that done things and have turned out just fine, coming to mind is Brook Shields in Blue Lagoon. Gosh, I remember when all that came out and look at where she has gone and come to in her career. What about all those younger girls posing for photos on the covers of major magazines in sexy and provocative clothing, appearing to be older than they really are? It is a part of their job. What is it that is creating all this attention? Is it her age? Is it that she appears to be naked? Is is that when someone said, I don’t like the photo, she decided to backtrack and say neither does she? Now she has to go along with those that disagree with her photo and go against her original feelings of the image? For what? I would have much rather heard her and her parents come out and say, “We are proud of Miley, we stand by her and the choice that we all made to have this photo taken”. It was taken for Vanity Fair people, not a sleeze ball magazine! Right now it just sounds as if they have to show face to keep Miley’s career in tact. It’s a shame that we cannot express ourselves anymore whether it be in writing, speaking, and photo’s!

Please share your thoughts on this topic. Hang in there Miley fans, I think there are more good things to come from her and she should not be afraid, EVER, to express herself.