Women That Share a Common Bond of Motherhood Support Each Other Best

Online Parenting Community, Moms With A View, Offers Support, Friendship, Networking and Knowledge to Moms at All Ages and Stages in Life.


May 12, 2008 – Whether you are a new mom, single mom, experienced mom, working mom or stay at home mom, Moms With A View lends itself to you to offer support, friendship, networking and knowledge as you share a special connection called, motherhood.

Moms With A View provides readers with information and tools necessary for starting the motherhood journey, which includes a due date calculator, labor bag check list and layette check list. It also offers new and expecting parents with product reviews, book reviews, and new articles geared towards parenting and lives of women who juggle to balance work and home life. The products and books reviewed will primarily come from other work at home moms or mom-inventors to help promote their products to the masses. Reviews will also be provided to corporate business products as well. Past reviewed products consisted of Hanes.com products for kids, a book called, Baby Lists, What to Do and What to Get To Prepare for Baby, by Elaine Farber, and kid friendly products by Story Time Felts.

Moms With A View will also be interviewing “Mompreneur’s” or entrepreneurial women and feature their products. They aim to offer support and networking opportunities to work at home moms, working moms, and mom inventors who can inspire, offer tips, support and encouragement to other moms in similar situations and stages of their own business careers. Interviews will also be posted on the Moms With A View blog as another way to get people to talk about their product and/or services provided. Reaching as many readers as they can, Moms With A View is on a mission to offer every woman business owner a way to promote their business.

Celebrities are another outlet for products and inspiration, so Moms With A View has dedicated a page of information linking readers to some favorite celebrity websites, blogs, magazines and celebrity designer websites. New and expecting moms are popping up all over Hollywood, so it goes without saying, that motherhood is a journey that can be shared by any woman.

In addition to the Moms With A View website, there is an online community that is there to add support, networking, opinions on parenting, work, school, teen years, and various stages of motherhood. You can speak freely and without hesitation as you are encouraged to speak your mind as you see fit. The administration only asks that you address situations in a mature fashion without aiming to bash or intentionally hurt other members. As adults, it is possible that you can get your points and views across without being mean or cruel to other people. Being a mom does not mean that you share the same opinions on raising children, working outside or inside the home, or even whether or not breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding. We are all entitled to our own opinions to to be able to express them in a mature manner is what makes Moms With A View special.

If you are a “mompreneur” and/or author and would like your product or book reviewed, or if you would like to be interviewed for a spot on the MWAV website and blog, be sure to visit http://www.momswithaview.com. Their online community is free to join, all you need to do is register at http://www.momswithaview.com/forums and start expressing your opinions.
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About Moms With A View: Moms With A View was founded as a way for women and moms to express their thoughts on parenting, pregnancy, hot topics, media, business and more. Moms can use the community to network and get their products and/or services into the public eye. The key to success is helping others in similar situations and to offer them support and inspiration and that is what Moms With A View hopes to do with all the moms it reaches out to.

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Welcome to MWAV

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